Meet the Crew



Emily is passionate about all things Alaska. She met Sawyer at the University of Alaska Anchorage while studying Aviation and was a Seawolf gymnast.
While in their third year of college, Sawyer and Emily got married, launched AK Coffee Company and then graduated.
Life has been busting at the seams and besides her day job at a local Alaska Non-Profit focusing on rural youth education, she enjoys playing outside, stamping bags in the warehouse and taking naps by the river.    


Sawyer grew up on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, home has always been in the Last Frontier.
Business and creativity is in his blood. He found himself drinking lots of coffee while working hard and studying Real Estate at the University of Alaska Anchorage.
While at UAA, he met Emily and months after getting married, AK Coffee Company was launched. Any given day, you could find Sawyer fishing in the Kenai River, scouting for moose, making a Facebook Marketplace flip or who knows...building something. 


Pascual is a man of many things, roasting coffee beans being one of them.
Alaska has been home for many years and plenty of adventure.
When Pascual is not creating mastermind level Excel Spreadsheets, he's camping with his truck topper all over this delightful state, hiking some of the tallest mountains and obviously drinking good quality coffee.